On Tapp Dairy is a 239 acre certified organic farm in Washington County near Springfield.  It is run by Dudley and Shirley Tapp and their son, Joseph Tapp.   Joseph is the third generation of Tapps to help operate this family farm.  

We operate a grass based dairy and do not grow any grain on the farm. The cows graze on pastures filled with rye grass, orchard grass, clovers and alfalfa.  Their milk is marketed through Organic Valley.  

   As a way to supplement the family income, We put the milk to other uses and began raising veal calves.  Our veal are humanely raised by their mothers and 90% of their diet is milk. In order to naturally fertilize the pastures, we started raising laying hens in movable pens that are moved throughout the farm, following the milk cows.  Pastured, free range eggs are a bonus!  We also raise pigs.  The chickens and pigs are fed raw milk from the dairy and they are fed a mixture of feed, consisting of non GMO corn, wheat germ and kelp, which is ground on the farm.

   We also raise grass fed beef.  Our cows have NEVER been fed grain.  Grass fed beef has more heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids and more conjugated linoleic acid, a type of fat that’s thought to reduce heart disease and cancer risks.

   Dudley Tapp explains: “Everything we do, we try to make it as healthy as possible.”  

Our Mission:

"Our family is dedicated to provide your family with healthy food."